Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Differences EP
Chris Chambers, Lenox, Sergio Pardo

This time Phunkation is hitting slower than usual,but keeps the funk trough all three different tracks by Chambers,Lenox and Sergio Pardo.

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Chris Chambers & Lenox

Submissions releases are created by Chris Chambers with casual Lenox appearance. Its designed to be only Hardgroove and its structure is hard production with tribal elements, next to Recycled Phunk editions and standard releases on Phunkation. This 1st release starts with duo Chambers & Lenox who are heavily equipped on tribal elements that gets respected even by hardest nuts in business. "We always talked and wanted to start producing together but somehow never didnt,till now.With this collaboration tracks we have the head,tail,story,both experience and different techniques and whats most important heart. First track we made was already the best,we put all of our knowledge into it and it turns out so good.. Next was Pjano where we kept the hard bass idea but dropped the bongo section idea which left us room for piano and the whole idea was there. Since we had a winner on this ep we decided to make last one most rhythmic - Metric"

Beatport - Sundown 6th, Pjano 17th, Metric 23th
Junodownload - 3rd release
TrackItDown - Sundown 1st, Metric 18th

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lia Organa & Electric Prince feat. Rantan - Electric Dreams

including rmxes from Pratap,Rydel and Chris Chambers

Long list of names and good producers that worked on this release assures a great release on Phunkation. Variable visions on Lia and Prince original track that is featuring Rantan and his hard kick, from Pratap that makes deep and dark techno edit, from Chambers that combines new techno style with old school tempo to Rydel that cleans up his vision to Trance edit. Its all about which one of these tracks will suit you better!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Du'Art - French Impact EP

Fresh and funky techno by Du'Art!

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Chris Chambers - Mixture EP

All remixes are mixed and produced by Chris Chambers.
Top places on Beatport as usual.

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Chris Chambers & House Dealers - Spank 2012

Chris Chambers in company with House Dealers samples Jimmy Bo Hornes "Spank"
to this big time funky house track that has been selected in top 10 house tracks of the week
on Beatport.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lenox - Solution EP

Old school techno tracks mixed and produced by Lenox, remixed by Goncalo M.
Beatport counts 40 place with Goncalo M rmx and 41 with "Can you keep up".

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